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Frequently Asked Questions

Deskdoo encrypts passwords and connections. The data stored in Deskdoo is not encrypted, this would negatively affect the overall user experience. We are considering implementing industry level encryption of data stored in Deskdoo.

Our business model is described in the About Deskdoo page.

Deskdoo is available free for 3 users in our public cloud website (cloud.desdkoo.com).

You have opportunity to buy hosted version on Microsoft Azure cloud. In that case we do installation, maintenance and support. Fist month is for free. After that, the hosting plan starts from 100 usd/month.

Deskdoo can be installed on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X by using docker engine.

Contact us to get the installation procedure.

Yes. Just create your team account at cloud.deskdoo.com

It is free for 3 users. You can test as long you need.