Your Private Cloud.

The first Virtual Cloud Desktop in the world.

We don't change users well-known behaviors.

No learning curve for end users. Seriously.

Just install and use on your Docker servers.


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Cloud Computing contest winner 2015

IT Leader Awards 2015

orange fab

Orange Fab wild card winner 2015

Wolves Summit Awards 2015


"Deskdoo gives you a virtual desktop for all your business needs"


"Deskdoo's capabilities are remarkable..."


"’ll be able to create more than one desktops for more than one departments and you’ll be able to even retailer your own information in a separate space.."

BackLino, Newsmag


"...allows you to create spreadsheets and edit documents right in your web browser"

After Nines, Inc


"Creating a set of virtual desktops for remote employees could be more secure and easier to manage than a bunch of laptops or PCs and by keeping everything in one place you can prevent data loss..."

John Biggs, Techcrunch


"Very cool. Great concept."

Tim Burd, CEO at DigitizeIQ


"..users gain access to the necessary applications without having to install.."


"..Users can toggle screens and work in apps just as they would on their local desktop, combining familiarity with a secure collaboration space.."


By using Deskdoo you can manage your office work, prepare projects, create documents etc., exactly the way you do on your desktop.

Zero install for end users

To use the system you do NOT need to install anything on end users devices. No more upgrades, insufficient disk drive, viruses. Just click to run and work instantly!

Edit documents

You can open, edit documents just like in MS Word. What’s more, you can do this at the same time with your team members and see the result on the screen in real-time.

Create spreadsheets

The integrated spreadsheet editor makes your data come to life with colorful charts and graphs. Use built-in formulas, pivot tables and more...

Make presentations

Use the built-in presentation editor makes your ideas shine with a variety of presentation layouts, themes, thousands of fonts, embedded video, animations, and more.

Your Cloud Drive

Store, manage, and synchronize your files in the virtual cloud drive.

E-mail client

Use the most comprehensive e-mail client. It provides the full functionality you expect from an email client, including MIME support, address book, folder manipulation, message searching and spell checking.

Share with your team

When someone is editing a document or making any changes in your workspace you will see it instantly. No browser refresh needed. You’ll get notifications and see changes in the workspace immediately.

Live collaboration

Chat with others inside the workspace. See active users and chat history.

Easy installation

Simply install and run Deskdoo on Docker

  • The best way to deliver a cloud environment
  • Reduced infrastructure
  • Centralized control
  • Lower administration costs and complexity

Your business is about 1 click away to rapidly managing and scaling work across one or more locations.

deskdoo on docker
virtual desktop

Unleash the power of the virtual desktop

You can do everything as if on a normal PC desktop. There is one BIG advantage. You can work with your team on the same files and workspace.

  • Zero install
  • Easy To Customize
  • Many ready to use applications
  • Work remotely
  • Work together online

Synchronize your work. Check changes by team members to Word documents or spreadsheets instantaneously. The work environment is enhanced by seeing real-time screen changes made by other people.

Improve employee productivity through cloud technology

Social technologies have literally changed how millions of people live. Businesses are changing their behaviors as well. Unlock value from a brand new social operating system and open enormous potential to raise the productivity of knowledge workers.

  • Better management
  • Better work efficiency
  • Better communication
  • Better at services
  • Overall improvement of company effectiveness and efficiency

It is estimated that implementing cloud technologies in business, along with innovations in management practices and cultural changes, has the potential to raise the productivity of worker interaction by 20 to 25 percent.

grant progress
edit photo

Work in the cloud from any device

24/7 access to your favorite applications from PC, laptop or tablet. One login - that's all you need to get access to all necessary resources. Work from anywhere in the world.

  • Office (compatible with MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • Forum, Chat, Project Plan
  • Photo Editor
  • Mail Client, Chat
  • and much more to make working just that bit easier...

Our vision is focused on creating the most efficient ways of working and collaboration in the digital age. Our mission is to empower employees in every agile organization. We believe in working smarter, not harder. This can be achieved by using a modern set of business tools, like Deskdoo.

Trello Alternative

Use our simple, intuitive and a clean project management software.

  • Extremely simple
  • Kanban view - learn in minutes
  • Attach documents or any files to Kanban boards
  • Display embedded pictures in cards
  • Deep, contextual search

Drag, drop and re-organise Kanban boards as you like. Manage your projects and make sure they are done on time.

kanban style project managment

Pricing Table

Customers can upgrade and cancel at any time.

No credit card required. Safe payment through PayPal.

Free version

  • Office Editors compatible with MS Office
  • Forum, Team chat, ToDo
  • Keep tracker
  • Gantt Charts
  • Mail client
  • Integration API
  • Max number of users: 5
  • Max number of workspaces: 5


  • All apps like in the Free Version
  • Team Users: above 5 to unlimited
  • Unlimited Team Workspaces
  • Tech Support
  • From 4$ per user/per month
  • Minimum package purchase: 10 users

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